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The C-10 is now Closed

Welcome to the first site of its kind. Established for the sole purpose to assist Horse Rescues through out the US & Canada.  By Creating funds to Rescues which are the frontline of protection defense from Negelect, Abuse, and Slaughter.  As we are creating Innovations & Chemistries for better solutions thru a unify enhancing program while Expediting the abolishment of Horse Slaughter.

To See the Rescues just click on their pictures. You will see the good work they do and in this bad economy they need all the help they can get. Below there is a chip In program please make the miminal donation of $10.60 as we are working in volume to create a  growing monthly income for Ten Rescues . Should the C-10 Program fullfills its goals of rewarding $1,000 a month to each rescue the Board members will seek another 10 rescues becoming the C-20 and so on as we grow in Unity.





Please Donate''

All Bids for the Hay and donations for the C-10

Must go thru the Chip In program. IF you bid for

the Hay Please indicate it on your paypal statement


(I'm Bidding on Hay for my choice rescue name)

The listed Ten Rescues will share the total amounts that come in every month.

When the goal is met by sending $1,000 to each rescue SaveDaHorses will recruit another 10 rescues and the C-10 will become the C-20.


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